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Birthday Celebrations a la Mexicana

Birthday Celebrations a la Mexicana<br><br>

Birthday Celebrations a la Mexicana

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are having a fabulous Holiday Season, celebrating this joyous time with your loved ones. And speaking of celebrations, as you may already know, there’s always one going on at Casa Dorada Los Cabos.

Sometimes it’s wedding anniversaries, other times it’s romantic honeymoons and most often BIRTHDAYS! And let me tell you that getting older at Casa Dorada is as painless as it can be. Really.

For our birthday guests this month, for example, we prepared a couple of surprises to ease the pain even moreJ According to a Mexican tradition, we sent a “squat” of merry makers who surprised our birthday boys in their rooms with a personalized cake, a round of Mananitas (Mexican version of Happy Birthday, traditionally sang first thing in the morning) and even a fire show!

I’m quite sure that Jones Tobias and Raphael Sabbah, who celebrated their birthdays with their wives at our Cabo beachfront resort, will not soon forget this year’s party.

Happy birthday again guys and we look forward to welcoming you back next year (only then we’ll have to come up with something new to surprise you!)