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2014 Turtle Season Crowned with Success

<span><strong>2014 Turtle Season Crowned with Success</strong></span> <span><br /></span>

Perfectly shaped for millions of years, Cabo has some of the most secluded beaches – each tucked away safely from the majority of land based predators, creating perfect nesting grounds for sea turtles. The species you are most likely to observe on our Los Cabos beaches is the olive ridley. With an olive green shell averaging 30 inches in length, this omnivore is a dear and welcome visitor to our area.

At Casa Dorada, we are proud to have successfully concluded yet another turtle season, which officially ended on December 31st, although there are still some nests to hatch. During 2014 Casa Dorada protected about 800 olive ridley nests, and more than 76,000 baby turtles were released into the sea. It’s important to mention that only one in a thousand will reach maturity in about 9 to 11 years. The remaining eggs that are yet to hatch are currently maintained in an incubation chamber to protect them from cool winter temperatures.

Casa Dorada has been committed to turtle protection since 2008 when we received and successfully safeguarded our first nest. Much to the delight of staff and guests alike, in October of the same year, a mandate was passed internally to initiate nightly patrols of the entire Cabo San Lucas Bay. This has helped protect nests in particularly tourist-heavy areas, where some nests had to be artificially incubated. 

Since then, the Casa Dorada Sanctuary Project has been created and mindfully managed to protect our seafaring friends.


Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions is Possible even on Vacation!

<span><strong>Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions is Possible even on Vacation!</strong></span> <span><br /></span>

You’ve been looking forward to a sunny Cabo San Lucas vacation for a while now and as you  think about our famous guacamole, cerveza and other temptations, you may wonder if your “staying in shape” resolutions will be doomed as soon as you get off the plane.

Well, not necessarily! The good thing about a vacation is that you finally have some free time! Why not use a tiny bit of it to get moving? Working out briefly every day will not only keep you in shape, it will also help alleviate stress so you can have even more fun the other 23-plus hours of your vacation day. 

So if you're serious about your fitness regimen and are looking for ideas, at Casa Dorada we’ve got you covered.

In addition to our top-notch gym, there’s Claudio, our go-to fitness guru. His classes happen four times a week: on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

If you’re a yoga fan, you can’t miss his Hatha Yoga Session on the terrace of 12 Tribes. As you breathe and revitalize, you’ll take in the glorious views of the Sea of Cortez and Land’s End. Now THAT’S the way to start your day! Yoga classes start at 8:30am during the week and at 9:30am on Saturdays. Simply sign up at the spa or ask our Concierge.

Also, becoming more and more popular is our weekly Ping Pong Tournament, where participants play poolside for great prizes such as spa coupons, buckets of beer, rounds of cocktails and much more. Let’s talk about motivation!

And of course don’t forget all the other activities you can do while in Cabo: walks on the beach, kayaking the Sea of Cortez, SUPing all the way to the famous Arch, swimming in the sea… the list is endless, and the best part is none of them feel like exercise!

So next time you’re at our Cabo beachfront resort, have fun and stay in shape at the same time. For ongoing and special events and happenings, check our Facebook page and stay tuned.


Casa Dorada New Year’s Eve at a Glance

<span><strong>Casa Dorada New Year’s Eve at a Glance</strong></span> <span><br /></span><span></span>

Happy New Year Everyone! We thought we would give you all some time to get into the 2015, because we know the first few days you were probably still curing the after-party effects  and writing 2014 instead of 2015 on your checks.

Well, anyway I think you’re ready now to check out some really cool pictures. Whether you rang in the New Year with us at Casa Dorada, during the CIRCUS PARTY, or want to see what you’d missed, you just have to see our gallery. 

We have posted over 100 photographs of the big party on our Facebook Page (Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa). You’ll see many beautiful people, fireworks, dancing, and more.

And if you’re in Cabo San Lucas today, keep in mind that Three Kings Day (Día de los Reyes Magos) is a big deal in Mexico and you’ll see everyone celebrating on January 6th as they munch on the traditional oval-shaped cake, known as Rosca de Reyes.

You can’t miss it!