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Find Out What’s New on the 12 Tribes Fall Menu

<span><strong>Find Out What’s New on the 12 Tribes Fall Menu</strong></span> <span><strong></strong></span><br /> <span><br /></span><span></span>

The fall is here and so is the fishing season so it’s a perfect moment for us to add a few special dishes to the Fall Menu at 12 Tribes Restaurant. Our Executive Chef, Frank Aguirre, has just introduced some new creations that you’ll be able to try on your next visit, in addition to the all-time favorites.

Among the new appetizers you’ll find “Esquites” Sea Scallops, a scrumptious combination of dry-pepper-crusted scallops, served over traditional “esquite” roasted corn sauteéd with fried epazote, Cotija regional cheese and morita pepper oil, as well as the Upside Down Stuffed Avocado with shrimp, lobster and crab meat, colorful bell peppers, onions, touch of jalapeño, micro springs or spicy red radish, fish chicharrón, and lime green oil.

Recently added main courses include: Shrimp Festival --8 pieces of fresh shrimp prepared in 4 different ways: imperial, coconut, tempura and grilled, served with your choice of sauce; as well as Stuffed “Mulato” Red Dry Pepper with Risotto with ground pork and beef, caramelized fruits, epazote green oil, toasted peanuts, served over squash blossom and mushrooms risotto, and of course don’t miss the Drunken Octopus Molcajete for two and the selection of fresh catch.

Our dessert menu has changed as well, though you’ll still find all your favorites such as the Tres Leches Cake, Cheesecake with Blackberries and the Mexican Chocolate Cake. Of course, in case you were worried, you’ll still find the 12 Tribes classic, our Homemade Churros which, in fact, are here to stay! And if you’d like to try something new, both the Corn Caramel Custard and Flambee Banana Cake with cream cheese, coffee liquor and caramelized milk are fantastic ways to end your dining experience.

¡Buen Provecho!

Keeping your bikini body while on vacation 

<span><strong>Keeping your bikini body while on vacation </strong></span> <span><br /></span>

You’ve been looking forward to a sunny Cabo San Lucas vacation for a while now and as you  think about our famous guacamole, cerveza and other temptations, you may wonder if your bikini body regime will be doomed as soon as you get off the plane.

Well, not necessarily! The good thing about a vacation is that you finally have some free time! Why not use a tiny bit of it to get moving? Working out briefly every day will not only keep you in shape, it will also help alleviate stress so you can have even more fun the other 23-plus hours of your vacation day. 

So if you're serious about your fitness regimen and are looking for ideas, at Casa Dorada we’ve got you covered.

In addition to our top-notch gym, there’s Claudio, our go-to fitness guru. His classes happen four times a week: on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

If you’re a yoga fan, you can’t miss his Hatha Yoga Session on the terrace of 12 Tribes. As you breathe and revitalize, you’ll take in the glorious views of the Sea of Cortez and Land’s End. Now THAT’S the way to start your day! Yoga classes start at 8:30am during the week and at 9:30am on Saturdays. Simply sign up at the spa or ask our Concierge.

Another fun way to keep moving is our poolside ping pont table. We even host occasional tournaments, where participants play for great prizes such as spa coupons, buckets of beer, rounds of cocktails and much more. Let’s talk about motivation!

And of course don’t forget all the other activities you can do while in Cabo: walks on the beach, kayaking the Sea of Cortez, SUPing all the way to the famous Arch, swimming in the sea… the list is endless, and the best part is none of them feel like exercise!

So next time you’re at our Cabo beachfront resort, have fun and stay in shape at the same time. For ongoing and special events and happenings, check our Facebook page and stay tuned.


Celebrating 7 Years of Sea Turtle Conservation 

<span><strong>Celebrating 7 Years of Sea Turtle Conservation </strong></span> <span><br /></span>

Today, on August 26th, we are celebrating the seventh anniversary since Casa Dorada took the helm of sea turtle conservation in the Cabo San Lucas Bay as a member of the Los Cabos Sea Turtle Protection Network.

Sea Turtle Protection Network

As part of our duties our personnel patrols the beach every night from June through January, looking for nests that are then incubated in our chamber. Once the baby turtles hatch, they are transported to the very place where their nest was collected in order to continue their life cycle. 

It’s important to mention that these responsibilities are shared among all members of the Los Cabos Sea Turtle Protection Network and the community plays a role, too, by letting us know once a turtle is spotted on the beach.

Sea turtles in Los Cabos

Even though the sea turtle nesting season in Los Cabos officially begins in May, we witness them year round with a particular increase during the period between August and November. 

In Los Cabos you’ll be able to see 5 of 7 sea turtle species that nest in Mexico. Loggerhead and hawksbill turtles are only known to feed in our region, while black turtles, leatherbacks and the olive ridley choose our beaches to nest.

Do your part

If you’re in Los Cabos during the sea turtle nesting season and you are fortunate to witness a turtle emerging from the sea, please keep in mind the following suggestions:

  • Keep your distance of at least 30 feet
  • Inform Casa Dorada staff or the nearest restaurant so that we can punctually safeguard the nest
  • Do not shine a light onto them as they don’t like it and may get scared
  • Do not let them see you as it may cause them stress
  • Never touch or hurt them

We invite you to share with us this miracle of life that nature allows us to witness on our Los Cabos beaches!