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Catch Irresistible Deals at Casa Dorada this Month 

<span></span><span><strong>Catch Irresistible Deals at Casa Dorada this Month </strong></span> <span><br /></span>

What could be better than getting a good deal? How about having a great time and enjoying top-notch food and drink, while saving a bunch?! This and more is possible this month at Casa Dorada.

We are rolling out a number of food and beverage specials paired with great entertainment every day and night of the week! You can save big during our 2x1 Happy Hour at Okianus Pool Bar every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am-6:00pm, and from 11:00am-noon and 4:00-5:00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Or catch the same Happy Hour from 10:00am-6:00pm every day at the Maydan Beach Club.

Sports fans should head to The B Bar and Lounge for 2x1 drinks every night from 7:00-9:00pm. 

In addition to drink specials, remember to check out 12 Tribes Restaurant for our buffet options which guarantee a great value and an amazing dinner experience. There’s the all-time favorite Mexican Buffet, Fajitas Night, Family BBQ, as well as Gourmet Dinners with Wine Pairing and of course our a la carte menu that changes according to season.

And to get you in the right mood, as you enjoy your Cabo vacation, we have live music almost every night of the week. All gigs start at 7:00pm so don’t miss them. 

Enjoy, savor and save at Casa Dorada!


Two Fun Traditions that Call for a Two-Day Fiesta 

<span><strong>Two Fun Traditions that Call for a Two-Day Fiesta </strong></span> <span><br /></span>

You may think it’s pretty scary that the year is almost over but even scarier are the upcoming celebrations of American Halloween and Mexican Dia de Muertos right here at Casa Dorada! 

On Friday, October 31st you’ll enjoy a BBQ Buffet and on Saturday, November 1st a Mexican Buffet both starting at 6:00pm. There will also be dancing music with Latin American Idol Finalist and Mexican, The Voice Semi-Finalist Samantha Rae and Jimmy the Sax, best costume contest, as well as great décor, booze and ambiance. Buffet is only $29 USD per person, while $42 USD will get you all the amazing food PLUS open domestic bar.

This great two-day fiesta is really one of a kind, where we bring together two traditions for your entertainment and enjoyment.

Unlike in other countries, in Mexico those who have passed away are celebrated with joy rather than sadness. In fact, this longtime tradition seems much more a fiesta than a serious religious happening. 

People all across the country create beautiful altars to remember the deceased. But these are certainly not the altars you may have seen anywhere else. The idea is to remember the person through his or her favorite foods, drinks, photographs, etc. So, on a traditional altar you’re likely to see tamales, tacos, a bottle of tequila, flowers, candles and sometimes even a hat or cane.

It’s most common to create altars for family members and friends, but also for prominent figures such as Frida Kahlo, Pancho Villa, Pope John Paul II and more recently even for Michael Jackson!

If you are in Cabo this week, in addition to joining our scary fiestas, you can’t miss our very own Day of the Dead altar at Casa Dorada that will be on display starting later this week.


The Circle of Life Continues…

<span><strong>The Circle of Life Continues…</strong></span> <span></span><br /> <span></span>

Many of Los Cabos visitors have been fortunate to witness one of nature’s greatest miracles: the sea turtle’s circle of life. The species that’s most commonly observed in our area is the Olive Ridley. While it nests throughout the year, the most intense nesting period falls between July and December. This year, hurricane Odile may have stalled many human activities in and around Cabo San Lucas, but nothing was going to stand in the way of our sea turtles!

Sea turtles LOVE the Cabo San Lucas Bay even though it may actually not provide the safest environment for nesting because of unstable temperatures and tides. That’s why all turtle nests must be protected in an incubation chamber right here at Casa Dorada. During the rainy Odile days, we were able to rescue over a hundred nests that could have otherwise been destroyed.

Normally the Olive Ridley nests at night, but due to the high tides during and after the storm, they were seen nesting in the morning allowing our visitors a sneak peek of the complete nesting process, from the moment a female leaves the sea in search of a safe place to lay her eggs, until it disappears in the breaking surf.

What a touching spectacle and yet another way in which a Cabo vacation becomes unforgettable!

Casa Dorada Reopens with a Pump

<span><strong>Casa Dorada Reopens with a Pump</strong></span>

Leaving Hurricane Odile and its effects behind us, Casa Dorada Resort & Spa reopened today and is among the first hotels to welcome guests to Los Cabos. The resort is now fully operational and guests are able to enjoy all services and facilities including Saltwater Spa, restaurants and bars, swimming pools, and Beach Club. All water sports and activities are now available on Medano Beach and most tourist-related businesses are already back in business.

Our first guests were greeted by our ENTIRE staff with sparkling wine in an atmosphere of unity, joy and appreciation. We are looking forward to welcoming all of our guests who placed their trust in us and decided to vacation in Cabo San Lucas despite all odds. We realize it hasn’t been easy: the opening of the airport kept all of us a bit nervous and airline cancellations didn’t help. But those of you who make it to Cabo, will enjoy a memorable experience and find our destination stronger and more beautiful than ever. 

Because Cabo is unstoppable!