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Casa Dorada Buzzes with Activity through Ping Pong Tournament, Art Classes & Excursions

Casa Dorada Buzzes with Activity through Ping Pong Tournament, Art Classes & Excursions

January 27, 2013

January has been a month of fun and bustle at our Cabo beachfront resort. Our guests enjoyed a line-up of scheduled activities from a Ping Pong Tournament last week, through private Art Classes and weekly excursions to Cerro del Vigía, where participants can watch the spectacle of the Sea of Cortez meeting the Pacific Ocean.


The Ping Pong Tournament attracted the most attention with 16 participants, who also brought along their respective cheerleaders creating an ambiance of competition and healthy fun. The event was a huge success and the winners of 1st and 2nd place hailed from Alberta, Canada.


Art Classes are also a big hit at Casa Dorada and normally take place every Monday at 10a.m. on the Terrace of 12 Tribes Restaurant. However, this time we made an exception to accommodate our guests’ special request and hosted the class on the terrace of their Penthouse. Overlooking Land’s End, the Arch and the sparkling waters of the Sea of Cortez, young participants painted, sculpted and had a brilliant time under the watchful eye of their maestro!


And finally an activity that has become a Thursday morning ritual at Casa Dorada -- the Excursion to Cerro del Vigía. The name may not sound all too familiar, but I’m sure you know the place! When you look out of your balcony at our Cabo beachfront resort, you’ll see Land’s End and the way to get to the top of it is precisely Cerro del Vigía. This gentle climb can be done by most people and the reward is breathtaking – you’ll be able to watch the Sea of Cortez meeting the Pacific Ocean from the top, yielding a very special energy and a view not to be missed!


Next time you’re at Casa Dorada, ask our Concierge about the different activities around the resort so you don’t miss the fun.