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Casa Dorada Celebrates World Environment Day by Keeping Cabo Pristine 

<span><strong>Casa Dorada Celebrates World Environment Day by Keeping Cabo Pristine </strong></span> <span></span><br /> <span></span>

As the world celebrated Environment Day last week, Casa Dorada joined in with the myriad of initiatives it has in place to keep Cabo, and the planet, pristine.

We are well aware of the fact that only by keeping the area environmentally sound, will we be able to offer our guests and visitors the experience they expect.

And if you, too, are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, including the way you vacation, at Casa Dorada you can rest assured that your efforts won’t be compromised.

From the early days, we’ve created Casa Verde, an eco-friendly initiative that would encompass all our environmental efforts.

Today we have solar panels that heat the swimming pool during the cooler months of the year and ensure a steady flow of hot water in the entire resort during the summer. The resort’s entire water supply comes from our reverse osmosis plant helping to save the destination’s valuable and limited resources.

And last year we introduced yet another breakthrough technology, this time to our laundry facilities. As you can well imagine the amount of laundry being washed every day in any given resort is huge and so are the resources needed for the process. In fact, during a conventional wash, 14 liters of water are used to launder each kilogram of towels, sheets, etc. Thanks to Phanaint, the new hi-tech eco laundry process we have introduced at Casa Dorada, we’re able to lower this ratio to a mere 4 liters of water per kilogram of laundry! In addition to huge water savings, this system also reduces the release of toxic chemicals by a whopping 90%! 

This is only one of the many ways in which we constantly innovate in order to make your Cabo vacation a green one. Because we all have to do our part, don’t we.