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Casa Dorada Rolls Out New Kids’ Menu

<span><strong>Casa Dorada Rolls Out New Kids’ Menu</strong></span> <span><br /></span>

We are excited to have just launched a brand new Kids’ Menu that is now available in our restaurants. The summer has just begun and with many families choosing Cabo San Lucas for their family vacation, we want to make sure we have everything your family needs for a summer to remember. 

The new menu is divided into Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner options and sports all children’s favorites. For breakfast there’s Funny Pancakes, Scram & Ham, French Toast as well as Cheddar Cheese Omelet and Fruit Plate with Yoghurt. All presentations are sure to make your little ones start the day with a big smile!

For lunch and dinner, there are plenty of choices including favorites such as Mac & Cheese, Fish, Cheese or Chicken Fingers and Pasta as well as healthier options like Sautéed Red Snapper with rice and broccoli, Grilled Chicken with potato puree and carrots or Fruit Pearls Salad.

If you’d like to introduce your kiddos to some Mexican food, they may like the Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla or Grilled Arrachera with fries and roasted zucchini sticks.

And we know how hard it is to make your kids eat healthy, especially when you travel. That’s why we’ve made a special effort to make most of our sides as healthy as possible helping you sneak 5-a-day into your child’s meals.

When it comes to dessert, we’ve also swapped too much sugar for plenty of flavor with a delicious selection of ice cream from Gelato Pazzo next door.  Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint-chocolate chips, coconut, tiramisu—simply spoiled for choice!

So, for your family vacation this summer, we’ve got you covered!