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Casa Dorada Team Offers Inspiration for a Generous 2013

Casa Dorada Team Offers Inspiration for a Generous 2013<br>

Casa Dorada Team Offers Inspiration for a Generous 2013


Even though Christmas decorations are down by now and only the extra pounds remind us of the recent festive season, there are still holiday stories we don’t want to go untold.

Every year at Casa Dorada, we make sure our guests have the most enjoyable holidays ever, but we also realize that there are many who aren’t as fortunate as our guests. That’s why our community outreach programs are an important part of our holiday season agenda.

This Christmas, we decided to put a smile on a few little faces.

It was Christmas Day and most families around Los Cabos were gathering for festive family meals after presents had been exchanged and opened. Kids were running around, playing happily with their brand new toys, while parents and relatives watched them with joy.

Unfortunately, there were children for whom this Christmas wasn’t as happy. They were in the hospital.

Cindy and Maggie, from our Casa Dorada team, put off their own family celebrations on December 25th to visit local hospitals and try to make these little patient’s Christmas a tad merrier. Offering gifts and their time, they made all the difference in the world. During those jolly moments, sickness didn’t matter and tears were only those of joy.

As we begin this 2013, let’s remember just how easy it is to make someone’s day, to put a smile on their face. And let’s all make it a happy year by offering our time and our effort to those in need.