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Creating a Whole New World of Memories

Creating a Whole New World of Memories<br>

25 February, 2013

This is what we are known for and what Casa Dorada is all about: creating a whole new world of memories.

So when departing guests say their stay was unforgettable, we know we’ve fulfilled our mission. Let’s take, for example, Daniel Dunlap and his family who visited us from LA for 4 nights just a few days ago.

Daniel, his wife Danielle and their beautiful children: 4-year-old Rosabelle and 2-year-old Sonny, had a lovely time while in Cabo San Lucas and the kids got a kick out of our Kids’ Club! Daniel left us a little note before they left saying:

“Thank you! Our stay was great. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful especially Jesi from the Kids’ Club!”

It was then we realized that the parents got just as much kick out of the Kids’ Club as the kids did! J And that’s what it’s all about: creating memories as a family, as siblings and as a couple, while everyone is having an amazing time!

Way to go Dunlop Family. We look forward to having you back soon. Your Penthouse is waiting!