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Find Out What’s New on the 12 Tribes Fall Menu

Find Out What’s New on the 12 Tribes Fall Menu<br><br>

It’s officially fishing season around Los Cabos and it’s a perfect moment for us to add a few special dishes to the Fall Menu at 12 Tribes Restaurant. Our Executive Chef has just introduced five new creations that you’ll be able to try on your next visit.

The new stars include four main courses and one appetizer with a strong presence of Baja sea fare. 

Smoked Marlin Gordita, our new appetizer is an almost classic recipe from the Baja Peninsula, served with roasted “güero” peppers and our classic martajada salsa.

In the main courses section you will find:

Seared Tuna Steak with roasted veggies and a root vegetable “guisado”, finished with navy beans and “achiote” sauce that perfectly embodies the fare from central Pacific coastlines of Mexico.

Grilled Swordfish, another classic “fishmongers” fish from the Baja with wild rice, smoked green beans and sugar cane syrup, served with mango and papaya salsa.

New York Steak served Mexico City-style with a nice helping of charred tomato and avocado salsa, roasted vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes.

And for those looking for a vegetarian option, our Veggie Feast is a must featuring penne pasta and sautéed assorted veggies such as artichokes and shitake mushrooms, perfectly complemented with our homemade tomato sauce.

Our dessert menu has changed as well and now stars more adventurous ideas such as the Apple and Cheese Tart Tatin served with orange sauce, caramel ice cream and fresh “panela” cheese. Of course, in case you were worried, you’ll still find the 12 Tribes classic, our Homemade Churros which, in fact, are here to stay!