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Going, Going, Gone – Say Good-Bye to 2013 and Hello to the Best Year Ever

Going, Going, Gone – Say Good-Bye to 2013 and Hello to the Best Year Ever<br><br>

Happy New Year!

Whether your 2013 was great, so-so or just plain terrible, it’s over now and it’s time to get ready for a fantastic new start.

Most of us, in addition to recovering from the legendary Neon New Year’s Eve Party at Casa Dorada, will start working on their 2014 resolution list today. Have you started yours yet?

“Eat better”, “exercise more”, “spend more time with the kids”, “travel more”, “be more eco-friendly”… Any of these sound familiar? Well, we know it’s hard to stick to your resolutions but this year you’ll have an ally! At Casa Dorada we will try to make it easier for you.

Here’s how:

“Eat better”: At Casa Dorada, we always have all your Mexican favorites, but also great healthy options such as fantastic fresh fruit and juices for breakfast, a brand new sushi bar, and an exciting tapas menu at The B Lounge for a light dinner. Sorry, we’ll also have real Italian gelato starting this year… But you can always go for the fruit sorbet which is made with real fruit! 

“Exercise more”: At our Cabo beachfront resort you can be as active as you wish. There are suspension training sessions three times a week, pool workout on Saturday mornings, and you can stop by at our well-equipped gym anytime.  A nice long walk along Medano Beach at sunset or a paddle to Lover’s Beach are also great ways to stay active while on vacation.

“Be more eco-friendly”: We are proudly one of the “greenest” resorts in Los Cabos with solar panels heating the pools in winter and the hotel’s general water supply in the summer, eco laundry system, turtle rescue program and so much more, so you can rest assured that your vacation’s carbon footprint is kept low.

“Spend more time with the kids” and “Travel more”: just come to Cabo, have fun and tick both off your list.

You see how helpful we are ! Happy New Year from Casa Dorada!