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Grand Sweet Fifteen Crowned with Success

Ask any young Mexican girl what the most important event of her life is and most of them will tell you, without hesitation, that it’s their fiesta de quince años, or 15th birthday. Traditionally marking the transition from childhood to womanhood, Quinceañera is a BIG DEAL in Mexico! That’s why when Dulce’s parents turned to us to host her big fiesta, we were honored, but at the same time we knew everything had to be perfect.

Our team worked hard to make Dulce’s birthday bash one to remember (and boast about forever) so when we received the following thank-you note, we knew we made it happen.

Dulce’s father, Antonio Reyna, wrote to us:

“(…)My wife and I are very grateful for the significant and memorable event celebrating our daughter’s 15th birthday (at Casa Dorada). I have to say you have an excellent team with everyone offering their willingness to help and positive attitude. 

I am particularly grateful to Jazmin for her professionalism, dedication and great accessibility in the coordination of this event. She always made sure everything went EXACTLY according to plan.”

Mr Reyna went on to emphasize the great work our team had done in the preparation of the welcome cocktail where Dulce’s guests enjoyed an original refreshing blue drink, her favorite color. A fantastic dinner at 12 Tribes Restaurant along with Casa Dorada’s facilities were also considered highlights of the evening.

“The event was the best ever and it surpassed all our expectations. Thank you to all those who made it such a huge success,” he added.

It was truly our pleasure to participate in this spectacular event and we appreciate the confidence entrusted in us. Best wishes once again, Dulce!