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Here’s How We Celebrated Moms at Casa Dorada This Year

<span><strong>Here’s How We Celebrated Moms at Casa Dorada This Year</strong></span> <span><strong></strong></span><br /> <span> </span><br /><span></span>

What could possibly be more rewarding than a bright smile on your mom’s face?! At Casa Dorada we wanted to make sure every mom in the property had plenty of reasons to smile last weekend. We greeted them with flowers and a note that read:

“Mother love is the fuel that enables

A normal human being to do the impossible”


Hundreds of dew drops to greet the dawn,

Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,

Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,

Only one mother the wide world over.




Their reactions were simply beautiful to watch! But we took it a step further and included in the celebration also those female guests who weren’t mothers by presenting them with flowers and a note that read:

“Even though you’re not a mom, you’re a woman and therefore deserve a flower!”

And the cutest one was when we met Ms. Hintzen and learned she had two fabulous doggies: Lotty and Lilly. We decided to honor her love for her “babies” by sending her a flower and a note to her suite. The note read:


“Thank you for being the best mommy ever”


 Lotty & Lilly

Well, let’s just say that we had a full house of happy families at Casa Dorada last weekend and that’s what it’s all ABOUT!