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How Casa Dorada Stays in Top Shape for YOU

How Casa Dorada Stays in Top Shape for YOU<br><br>

How Casa Dorada Stays in Top Shape for YOU

A large percentage of all our guests are repetitive visitors. This makes us very proud, because it shows we are doing something right In fact, many of our Casa Dorada guests have been staying with us for since the opening year more than five years ago. It’s such a joy to encounter familiar faces, whether it’s by the pool or in one of our restaurants. It’s like running into an old friend. 

Jerry and Julie, for example, have been vacationing with us for quite a while now and they’ve become good friends with Liz, our Maintenance Director. They’ve been coming to Casa Dorada even before Liz joined our team, and every time they are at the Resort, they catch up on all the exciting things that have happened in their lives since their previous visit. 

Jerry and Julie have seen Liz with a baby bump and shared her excitement for her new baby, while Liz welcomed the couple during their many visits, most recently accompanied by friends. It so happened that their friend was celebrating her birthday while in Cabo, so Liz couldn’t resist but set up a chocolate cake surprise to the joy of everyone.

Liz is already eagerly awaiting Jerry and Julie’s return in October.

It is this kind of relationship that drives our entire team to constantly improve our services and facilities. It’s like making sure your house is in tip-top shape when you best friend is coming for a visit. 

We are always coming up with new and exciting activities to make sure our repetitive guests keep finding new things to do.  We’ve got Art Workshops, Ping Pong Tournaments, Happy Hours, and most recently Aqua Fitness and Zumba Classes. 

But in addition to offering new activities, we also take great care of our facilities. We fully renovated our swimming pools last year, installed solar panels on the roof of the property and just last week led a full-scale operation to give our motor lobby a scrub.

There you go -- just what we do to keep you coming back!