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Kids in Paradise

Kids in Paradise<br>

While older kids relish in Spring Break fun in resorts across Cabo San Lucas, we’ve decided to give our little guests a reason to be happy, too. Well, that is if enjoying a blissful Cabo vacation with mom and dad wasn´t enough! 

This week we have added 16 kid-size chaises to our pool area and they couldn’t be cuter! The mini chaises sport their own small umbrellas to keep the kiddos out of the sun and are much more comfy for the little bodies than the regular adult-size chaises.

Now, with a fruit smoothie in hand and in the comfort of their very own chaise, kids will love hanging out at our pool EVEN more -- just like mom and dad!

And once they are finally ready to move on to other activities, remember that we have Painting Workshops, Dominos Tournaments, plenty of creative activities at Casa Kidz and an ever-growing range of kids’ happenings here at Casa Dorada. Ask our Concierge for details and take advantage of all the fun options we provide to ensure our young guests have a Cabo family vacation to remember.

Can you imagine your kids kicking back in these adorable little chaises? Come down and check them out!