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Hotel Casa Dorada



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Making Each Casa Dorada Vacation a Memorable One

<span><strong>Making Each Casa Dorada Vacation a Memorable One</strong></span> <span><strong></strong></span><br /> <span><br /></span>

Beautiful ocean views, great facilities and fantastic food all come together during a Cabo vacation, but what makes a Casa Dorada vacation one to remember are the little things. The way your waiter comes to know your favorite cocktails, or when you feel so peaceful and happy watching your kids have a blast at Casa Kidz. 

But we like to go the extra mile by connecting with our guests on a more personal level, adding a bit of emotion and surprise to their stay with us. Over the last week, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with two wonderful couples Mrs. And Mr. Testa as well as Mrs. And Mr. Cutler. Both couples celebrated their honeymoon in Cabo.  

As we chatted with Dan and Nicole Testa by the pool, it turned out they were both fans of tattoos, while the Cutlers turned out to be hoteliers from Nova Scotia with a great deal of admiration of Mexican hospitality.

After making sure their stay was as blissful as it should be, we took the liberty of sending a bottle of sparkling wine to their suites with a little note that followed our conversations.

Also within the last week, we had the opportunity to make our contribution to the love of hockey. Mr. Pringle and his friends didn’t want to miss their favorite team in action, so they watched The Anaheim Ducks on their laptops, but to better enjoy the experience we loaned them some speakers and send some popcorn to their room wishing them a good game. The next day, they came back to see us at the Reception with a fantastic gift: a Ducks towel. Thank you so much!

It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to turn little things into a whole lot of joy and we appreciate our guests as they do the same for us every single day!