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Smile, Attention and Hope for Local Children in Need

Smile, Attention and Hope for Local Children in Need

22 January, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for your visit and interest in Casa Dorada news. As always, we try to bring you stories that will inspire you and help you learn more about our sunny destination of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Because in addition to making your vacations memorable and ensuring you have the best stay imaginable, we also stay busy on other fronts.

Just recently, our team was involved in a very special event. Casa Dorada and other local businesses joined forces to organize a breakfast get-together for the little inhabitants of our local San Jose del Cabo Orphanage “Una Luz en Mi Vida” (a light in my life).

During the event there was playtime, delicious food prepared by our Executive Chef, Carlos Bonilla and his team and, of course, gifts.

But as noted by the orphanage supervisor, Professor Yolanda de la Garza Cruz, the most important part of the visit was the emotional wealth of this interaction and the excitement it produced for each and every one of the kids.

It was such a rewarding experience to be able to participate in showing these vulnerable young people that life is full of joy and that their community supports them to have a safe and caring home.

A big thank-you to all those who joined us to make this event happen!