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St. Patrick’s Day at 12 Tribes

St. Patrick’s Day at 12 Tribes<br>

Few saints' days get quite the same treatment as that of good ol' Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Despite March 17th marking the anniversary of his death, the focus on St. Patrick's Day both in Ireland and abroad is more a celebration of good fun - or craic, as they say on the island - and good drink.

Here in Mexico, we’ve long shared the affinity for these two things with cold cerveza being an inseparable part of every fiesta. That’s why when we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at 12 Tribes Restaurant last weekend, in addition to a great Irish dinner, our guests were treated to a complimentary GREEN BEER to get everyone into the jolly spirit.

But even with St. Patrick’s Day behind us, the mood at our Cabo beachfront resort remains festive (to say the least) and cerveza keeps flowing. It may not be the green type, but quite honestly we prefer our traditional Mexican golden brew…

Corona, anyone?