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Stay Green While on Vacation Thanks to Our Newly Installed Solar Panels

23 October, 2012

Stay Green While on Vacation Thanks to Our Newly Installed Solar Panels


You know that we always make sure your Cabo San Lucas vacation is an experience to remember. But in addition to pampering you, we also want to make sure we take good care of our beach destination and its sensitive ecosystem (so that it’s still here 20 years from now for your grand kids to enjoy!).


That’s why while staying at Casa Dorada you’ll notice some of our eco-friendly initiatives such as linen and towel reuse program, energy-saving light bulbs and power control systems.


But now we have taken an even bolder step towards sustainability. Starting early next month, Casa Dorada will have a fully functional solar water heating system in place with 190 solar panels installed on the roof of the resort.


The system will feature a dual mode, which means that from April to September it will heat more than 20,000 liters of water for the resort’s general use and from October to March it will keep one of our pools at a lovely 82-degree temperature so that you can enjoy a pleasant dip any time of year.


So next time you stay at Casa Dorada you won’t have to feel bad about taking a relaxing hot shower. Because as much as it is an environmental no-no, with our new solar panels you can rest assured you stay green even while on vacation.