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Two Fun Traditions, One Scary Evening this Friday at 12 Tribes

Isn’t it scary that October is almost over!? It totally is! But even scarier are the upcoming celebrations of American Halloween and Mexican Dia de Muertos right here at Casa Dorada  On November 1st starting at 6:00pm, there will be a Mexican Buffet, dancing music with Divine Roses, dance class, best costume contest, as well as great décor, booze and ambiance. Buffet is only $29 USD per person, while $42 USD will get you all the amazing Mexican food PLUS open domestic bar.

This great fiesta is really one of a kind, where we bring together two traditions for your entertainment and enjoyment.

Unlike in other countries, in Mexico those who have passed away are celebrated with joy rather than sadness. In fact, this longtime tradition seems much more a fiesta than a serious religious happening. 

People all across the country create beautiful altars to remember the deceased. But these are certainly not the altars you may have seen anywhere else. The idea is to remember the person through his or her favorite foods, drinks, photographs, etc. So, on a traditional altar you’re likely to see tamales, tacos, a bottle of tequila, flowers, candles and sometimes even a hat or cane.

It’s most common to create altars for family members and friends, but also for prominent figures such as Frida Kahlo, Pancho Villa, Pope John Paul II and more recently even for Michael Jackson!

If you are in Cabo this week, in addition to joining our scary fiesta on November 1st, you can’t miss our very own Day of the Dead altar at Casa Dorada that will be on display starting October 29th