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Sea Turtle Season in Los Cabos Has Begun!

<span><strong>Sea Turtle Season in Los Cabos Has Begun!</strong></span> <span><strong></strong></span><br /> <span><br /></span><span></span>

Just as the beginning of July means 4th of July BBQs, long weekends and fireworks, in Los Cabos it also means the beginning of sea turtle nesting season. 

Every year, during summer and early fall, our guests are among the lucky ones to witness one of nature’s greatest spectacles, sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach at night and weeks later the baby turtles emerging from the nests to scuttle down the beach towards the sea. It’s such an exciting time! If you’re planning your summer vacation in Cabo, you can’t miss it!

Even though the olive ridley will nest sporadically throughout the year, for those looking to observe this majestic creature, its regular nesting period is from July to October with the release of baby turtles usually taking place in September and October, following a 60-day incubation period.

Casa Dorada Sanctuary Project has been going strong for six years now and plays an active role in helping to protect turtles coming to nest on Los Cabos beaches.

Join us for this spectacular experience!