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Sand cascades in los cabos: a hidden secret in the heart of Cabo San Lucas

Sand cascades in los cabos: a hidden secret in the heart of Cabo San Lucas

Are you looking for your next vacation destination? The world is big and beautiful, and it can seem like a job deciding where to spend your precious vacation among so many incredible destinations. If you want to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life, in contrast to our fast-paced everyday life, you're probably looking for a sandy destination with tropical views and sunny weather. As a result, Los Cabos has quickly become a popular tourist destination. People are attracted to Los Cabos because of its geography and climate: beautiful beaches and deserts in a sunny, temperate climate guarantee an enjoyable trip. When planning your trip to Los Cabos, be sure to include accommodations as well as a fun and exciting itinerary. Where you go to relax after a day of exploring can make or break your vacation. After 15 years in business, Casa Dorada understands how to provide those who visit Los Cabos with the necessary break from the daily routine to maximize the great memories their trip will create.

Casa Dorada Los Cabos is located on Medano Beach, just a 5-minute walk from the center of Cabo San Lucas. You'll be able to enjoy a lazy day on the sand while still having access to the beach's bars, beach clubs, restaurants and water activities. Casa Dorada's excellent location has contributed to its popularity among Los Cabos hotels over the past 15 years. There is no need to waste time on logistics, just walk out the door and you will have access to both the beach and the city center.

If you decide to spend your next vacation on the beach, Los Cabos is an obvious choice. The area has only grown and equipped itself to provide visitors with the pleasant and memorable experience they seek over time; There's a reason you frequently see so many celebrities in Los Cabos. Planning your itinerary can be difficult with so many unique activities and places to choose from. Don't worry, we have some must-see attractions for every trip to Los Cabos. After booking your stay at Casa Dorada, plan a trip to the unforgettable Sand Falls. Sand Falls are a must-see for nature lovers or anyone looking to see something new and incredible. Los Cabos has a unique environment where the desert and the sea meet. Sandfalls are an incredible natural phenomenon caused by friction between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates, combined with the mixing of warm waters from the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

You will find this natural phenomenon in the Los Cabos Wildlife Protection Area. This area of protected nature was founded in 1973. It covers an approximate area of 4,000 hectares, almost all of it underwater.

Sandfalls are precisely what they sound like: an underwater waterfall of sand. Discovered by a researcher in 1959, the waterfalls are an incredible natural spectacle that must be seen with your own eyes to fully experience its majesty. Sand waterfalls are a spectacle of overwhelming beauty, imitating the image of a waterfall with the incessant flow of sand as if it were a liquid over the rocks of the ocean. The experience makes the viewer feel almost as if they have entered another realm, as water becomes the oxygen through which you float, and sand becomes the water that spills over the edges of the cliffs.

For those who want to return home with an unforgettable experience, Casa Dorada has been a favorite choice of travelers for 12 years due to its exceptional location to make a trip to the sand falls as easy as possible. This rare natural occurrence can only be observed in a few places around the world, so finding hotels in Los Cabos that put you close to the action is imperative to maximizing your enjoyment of the sand falls.

To visit this natural wonder, you'll need to put on your diving suit, as it lies between 80 and 130 feet below the ocean surface in Cabo San Lucas Bay. This dive site is one of the most popular because of the incredible sand waterfalls and the abundance of beautiful fauna and underwater landscapes. Diving in this part of the bay will give you a front-row seat to some of the most fascinating views of the ocean; You can watch snappers, angelfish and other tropical fish swim alongside you. Even octopuses and seahorses can come out of hiding for a moment to show themselves to a lucky diver. You'll also be able to appreciate the flora of this underwater landscape, such as canyon walls covered in sea fans and sponges. The sand waterfalls are the best option for nature lovers on their visit to Los Cabos.
How to plan a unique bachelorette party in Los Cabos

How to plan a unique bachelorette party in Los Cabos

Finding a time and place that works for everyone who wants to attend the Hen Do might be challenging if your friends and family are spread out across the country or the world. Why not gather together in Cabo for a few days of fun and relaxation before the wedding? With this in mind, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on planning the perfect Hen Do, so you can rest easy knowing that we've thought of everything.

The bride's personality should be the primary factor, but don't fret; there are countless possibilities to choose from in Cabo. Activities for a Bachelorette party in Los Cabos include everything you might want or imagine.

​​If she likes outdoor activities, we highly recommend staying where the action is. Numerous water sports are available at Medano beach, including stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, and many others. There are also trips to Santa María beach, where snorkeling and diving are available, departing from Médano (right where Casa Dorada is located!). A daybreak walk-up at “Cerro del Vigía” is the perfect place to obtain those over-the-clouds Instagram photos if the bride is a morning person. The view from this mount is breathtaking.

Getting on a yacht to El Arco de Cabo San Lucas by sunset is also a great idea if you want to get the most incredible pictures with the iconic symbol of Los Cabos. Ask our concierge to show you every option available. If she is more of a spa/wellness type of girl, a full day at Saltwater Spa may be the intelligent choice. With a broad menu of choices, Saltwater Spa has an array of indulgent treatments and therapies to soothe the mind and energize the body. A tip: start with the signature holistic ritual; it will absolutely get you charged for the week. We should not forget about Yoga, an essential player in a healthy lifestyle and an option for that bride that is into wellness. At Casa Dorada, there are Yoga classes every other morning with a Hatha yoga master very well-known in Los Cabos: The Mayan fitness secret “Claudio Cabo”.

But what about spicing it up a bit? Make sure to book a package at your Resort (Casa Dorada is the obvious choice) that includes a bottle of tequila when arriving and (why not?) a two-hour celebration with an open bar of premium drinks by the most famous beach of Cabo.

Do you prefer to celebrate the old-fashioned way? Go to Downtown Cabo (just five minutes away walking from Casa Dorada) and party hard at the vibrant hotspots that the town has to offer. Your reservation package at Casa Dorada will be waiting with a hangover kit to keep you up and ready for everything during your stay.

We hope that these suggestions have helped you in planning an unforgettable Hen Do in Cabo– and remember it is all about being together, having fun, and creating memories for a lifetime.

Because what happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo (And social media)!

If you have any questions or need help - just ask us – We are experts in having fun!
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3 Things you didn't know about day of the dead in los cabos

3 Things you didn't know about day of the dead in los cabos

Unlike other countries, in Mexico the deceased are remembered with joy and not sadness, especially on the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated on November 2 of each year. In fact, this ancient tradition seems more like a party than a serious religious event.

People across the country create beautiful memorial altars to honor the deceased. They are not, however, the altars you may have seen elsewhere. The idea is to remember the person through their food, drinks, photographs, etc. favorites. On a traditional altar you will find tamales, tacos, a bottle of tequila, flowers, candles, and occasionally a hat or cane.

The most common thing is to make altars for family and friends, but also for famous people such as Frida Kahlo, Pancho Villa or even Queen Isabel.

If you have already been to Mexico, we are sure you have heard about this day. We can also bet that you did not know the meaning and meaning of every detail of the altars.
Here are three fascinating facts about this special day in Mexico:

1. The bread of the dead.

Yes, we know that it doesn't sound appetizing, but it is highly anticipated by all Mexicans: Homemade sweet bread with a slightly flattened spherical shape. At the top, there is a small sphere representing the dead man's skull in the center of four cross-shaped lines known as "jarretes". They are supposed to be the arms and legs of the skeleton, or "calaca", as Mexicans colloquially call it.


2. The Cempasúchil flower as a spiritual guide

This flower will be on all altars, as it guides the dead to reach their home from the other side.

3. Paper figures as a representation of the wind

Every altar should have symbols that represent the four elements of nature: a small container with water, fruit to represent mother earth, and fire, represented by candles. The wind is represented by the colored papers on the altar.

If you're in Cabo this month, in addition to joining our spooky Halloween party where the kids love trick-or-treating around the pool, you can't miss our very own Day of the Dead altar at Casa Dorada.

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