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Are you planning to eat some tacos during your next visit to México? Would you like to know what to look for in your quest for the best taco? or perhaps you are coming to Tacofest? Look no more! Introducing the 5 variables to consider in your search for the best taco ever tasted:

Tacos de Carnitas, by El Rincón Culinario

1. The Tortilla! It must be handmade, but not only that, the taste of corn should be felt. It is important to pair the type of corn or flour with the protein or vegetable that is going to be wrapped by the tortilla.

2. The stew that will rest in the taco is the main actor. Whether it is red meat, chicken, fish or vegetables, they must be very well cooked and seasoned. A taco without good stew is like a kiss without passion.

3. The sauce. Red, green, with avocado, acid or sweet. The combinations that can be achieved are endless. The sauce is the accent that gives power to the taco. A good sauce makes a taco sublime, a bad sauce can ruin the whole experience.

4. A beer. There is just no better pairing for a taco. There is not.

5. Un taco al día, la llave de la alegría (One taco per day, the key to feeling great).

Don’t miss the chance to be a real taco judge this April 27th on the much expected Taco Fest, where the contestants will be famous restaurants of Cabo; the judges, prominent personalities like the Mexican Top Chef Juantxo Sanchez; and the winner, the attendants like you, because what is a better way to taste Cabo than having everything in one place? And with open bar.

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